Tom Weis,  Weis Design Group
City Engineer
Engineering Department

The Engineering Department is responsible for all public and private infrastructure located within city right-of-way and dedicated city easements. The Engineering Department also provides engineering support services to the planning, building and maintenance departments.
The Department is responsible for design and construction services of new infrastructure and investigation of existing infrastructure.

The Engineering Department provides the following:

  • Review and approval of all residential, commercial and industrial improvement plans to insure compliance
  • Forecasting, planning, and managing transportation, stormwater, water, and sanitary capital infrastructure projects in the City
  • Establishing and enforcing City infrastructure codes, standards, and specifications
  • Working with private developers to insure subdivisions and developments are well-planned and meet City requirements
  • Reviewing plans, issuing permits, and performing inspections for the construction of public infrastructure and utilities, or work affecting these, as part of private activities
  • Overseeing the planning and use of public right-of-ways and easements
  • Pavement management to identify current and future pavement replacement schedules