James W. Knowles III
City Administrator 
(636) 755-5303
City Administrator
The City Administrator is appointed by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen and serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the City of Dardenne Prairie. The City Administrator is responsible for the daily administration of the City and provides professional leadership in the management and execution of policies and objectives formulated by the Board of Aldermen. The City Administrator develops and recommends alternative solutions to community problems for Board of Aldermen consideration, appoints and supervises all department directors, and makes final investigations of citizen complaints. The City Administrator also directs the administration of personnel relations and participates in intergovernmental relations that affect the City of Dardenne Prairie and its constituents. The City Administrator's Office also directs the City’s capital improvements plan and provides staff support services to the Board of Aldermen.

Some of the City Administrator's major responsibilities are:
  • Preparing and submitting the annual budget to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.
  • Preparing agendas for Board of Aldermen meetings.
  • Making recommendations concerning personnel needs, operations, regulations and ordinances.
  • Responding to citizens regarding inquiries, problems or complaints.
  • Appointing department heads with approval of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.