Shine a Light on City Government - 1/29/2020

January 30, 2020

Friends & Neighbors,


The Dardenne Prairie Board of Aldermen met on January 15 and 23 to conduct the public’s business.


The City is pleased to announce that Mr. Dan Lang has been hired as the new City Administrator for Dardenne Prairie.  The City has been without a City Administrator since May of 2014.  I have been performing the duties of both Mayor and City Administrator since I took office in May of 2015.  Now that Dan Lang is on board, I am the happiest man in St. Charles County!  Dan has served in municipal government for over 40 years in Lake St. Louis, St. Peters, St. Charles and Wentzville, and elsewhere.  He has served as Director of Parks & Recreation; Director of Community Development; Director of Economic Development and City Administrator in two cities.  We are very lucky to have Dan as part of our City team.


The portion of Rt N west of Bryan Road to the City Limits at the I-64 overpass has been renamed “Town Square Avenue.”  This change of names was adopted after consideration at a public hearing and multiple contacts with property owners along the highway.  Rt N runs from St. Charles in the East to the county line near Foristell on the West.  We believe that designating this street as Town Square Avenue will help people from all over the county to find the Town Square Shopping Center here in Dardenne Prairie.   As we have said on many occasions, the fiscal well-being of the City depends on the continued prosperity of the businesses in and near Town Square. 


The City awarded a contract to Bates CPA LLC to conduct the annual audit of the City’s financial records.  This is a three-year contract.


The City has received an increasing number of complaints about dogs running off leash in residential neighborhoods.  Some of these dogs are described as very aggressive.  This is a reminder that the Municipal Code requires owners to keep dogs confined to their property by fence or leash.  Dogs are to be controlled by leash when being walked.  Animal Control will respond to complaints of aggressive or vicious dogs.  Citizens should report incidents involving aggressive or vicious dogs that are outside fences or off leashes.  It is helpful to take pictures to use as evidence in court proceedings if it comes to that.  Call City Hall as well as Animal Control when you encounter dogs running loose, particularly aggressive or vicious dogs.  It is a matter of Public Safety.


The City has undertaken to place on the April 7th ballot the proposals to annex 6 parcels of unincorporated St. Charles County located within the City of Dardenne Prairie into the City.  We had proposed 7 annexations, but the property owners of one parcel have agreed to be annexed voluntarily, leaving 6 annexations to be voted on.


There are lots within three Dardenne Prairie subdivisions that are not incorporated within the city limits.  Nevertheless, the City maintains the streets in front of those lots and provides police service and other municipal services for the benefit of the subdivision residents and the wider community.  The residents of the unincorporated parcels enjoy the benefits of the City’s services but do not pay the modest city property tax to help pay for those services.  That is unfair to the residents of the City who are helping to pay for those services through the property tax. 


The annexation process in St. Charles County is unique in the State of Missouri.  In order to annex a parcel, the majority of voters in the City must approve the annexation and a majority of voters in the unincorporated parcel must also approve.  If the vote in the unincorporated parcel is 0 in favor and 1 opposed, the annexation fails.  We can’t try again for two years. 


The Inverness residential development near Bryan and Feise expects to hold a ribbon cutting ceremony on February 22.  Display homes are under construction and lots are being sold already.  Inverness will be a spectacular development and a credit to Dardenne Prairie.


The Cordoba residential development at the Bryan Road exit off Rte. 364 is nearly sold out.  If you want a new home there you should move quickly.


The Sunterra 38 bed short-term physical rehabilitation facility on Highway N east of Bryan Road is under construction and should be open in late summer.

The Dragonstone residential development on Bates Road is in the early stages of construction.  This development by Griffey Homes will include 5 very nice custom homes.  The development is named for the ancestral home on Westeros of the Targaryen dynasty.  For those of you without HBO, that comes from the series “Game of Thrones.”


The Hanley Road reconstruction project has entered the phase where we acquire right of way.  Construction should begin later this year.  It involves the portion of Hanley Road north of Feise.


The City in continuing its efforts to obtain funding for design and construction of a full interchange on Rte. 364 near Town Square.  When constructed it will allow traffic to enter and leave 364 going both eastbound and westbound.


The City is also pursuing funding for an “Access Justification Report” which is required by the Federal Highway Administration before a project can be approved that involves an interstate highway.  We want to construct an off and on ramp for westbound I-64 to Technology Drive midway between Winghaven Blvd. and Rte. 364.  It would become the “front door” to Dardenne Prairie.


The annual St. Charles County Mayors’ Charity Ball will be held on March 21, at the St. Charles Convention Center.  This year the charities selected to benefit from the proceeds of the Ball are: Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support; Boone Center Inc-The Skills Center; St. Charles County Veterans Museum; and Green Lantern Senior Center Support Committee/Wentzville Senior Center Transportation Inc.  The theme this year is “Mardi Gras.”  Tickets can be obtained on-line at:


Our annual Easter Egg Hunt and “earth day” celebration at Dardenne Prairie City Hall Park will be held on April 11, this year.  See our website for details.


The next meeting of the Board of Aldermen is scheduled for Wednesday, February 5, 2020.  The workshop begins at 6:00 PM and the business meeting is set for 7:00 PM.  Come see your City Government at work!



“Shine a Light on City Government”




City of Dardenne Prairie, MO





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