Shine a Light on City Government - 05/17/18

May 18, 2018

Friends & Neighbors,


The Dardenne Prairie Board of Aldermen met in Workshop and Business meetings on Wednesday, May 16.  Here are the highlights.


Possible Amendments to the Municipal Code regarding zoning and land use.

The Board and the Planning & Zoning Commission have had informal discussions at the last several meetings about changing the City code which sets a minimum square footage for a one story, single family residence.  The code currently requires a minimum of 1600 sq. ft.  We discussed the idea of reducing the minimum to something in the 1300 to 1400 sq. ft. range, based on the claim that home buyers are looking for smaller spaces to maintain.  While we did not take a vote, the consensus emerged in discussions that there is no sentiment among the Aldermen in favor of reducing the minimum.  We will continue to listen to input from citizens and home builders but so far there has been no compelling argument to downsize homes in Dardenne Prairie.


Board approved a voluntary annexation of 5 acres at the corner of Highway N and Money Drive.

The property owner requested voluntary annexation as part of its application for a zoning change and approval of a conditional use permit and site plan for a 38 bed short term rehabilitation facility.  Dardenne Prairie residents voted to annex this property in the November 2017 election.  The Board accepted the request for voluntary annexation and that spares the taxpayers further expense to complete the involuntary annexation process in the Circuit Court.


Consideration of the request for zoning change and conditional use for Sunterra Springs of Dardenne Prairie was deferred to June 6.

The Board conducted a public hearing concerning both the rezoning (from residential to commercial) and the request for a conditional use permit for Sunterra Springs of Dardenne Prairie, the 38 bed short term rehabilitation facility proposed for the newly annexed property.  The applicant provided a detailed presentation in support of both applications and several residents of the Canvas Cove subdivision expressed opposition.  In the course of the public hearing a number of issues were raised that prompted the Board to request further engineering studies.  One major concern expressed by the residents was the impact of delivery trucks bring food, medical supplies and other necessities to the rehab facility and trash trucks.  We want to see if it is possible to change the layout to minimize truck traffic on Monet Drive.  Other issues concerning the residents’ quiet enjoyment of their property were discussed and will be addressed further on June 6.


Board approved a substantial revision of the City Code punishing offenses.

The Missouri legislature rewrote the state criminal code which was effective last year.  The City Attorney revised the city code to harmonize with the state law.  As part of the revision we eliminated many offenses from the city code that are typically prosecuted in Circuit Court under the State’s criminal code.  We retained municipal jurisdiction over the matters that are less likely to be handled by the County prosecutor and that are of interest to the city in providing for the public’s safety, health, and well being.


Fireworks and the 4th of July.

The Board approved a temporary use permit for a vendor to sell fireworks and a permit for Delmar Gardens of O’Fallon to produce a fireworks display on July 1.  The display (always spectacular) will be launched from the Dickherber Farm in Dardenne Prairie, hence the need for a City permit.  There were two aldermen who did not vote for the permit to sell fireworks.  Every year we do hear from residents who object to fireworks, but we also hear from residents who love fireworks.  The future of fireworks sales in Dardenne Prairie will be determined year by year.


Concerts in the Park.

The first of our  series of free concerts in the park is scheduled for Friday May 18.  The band is “Contagious” and this year we have added food trucks to the event so, in addition to the Park Concession Stand, we will have a variety of food available from 4 or 5 food trucks.  Beer and Wine and other beverages are available from the Concession Stand.


See the City website for details





The next meeting of the Board of Aldermen is Wednesday, June 6 starting at 6:00 PM.  Come to City Hall to see your City Government at work!



“Shine a Light on City Government”




City of Dardenne Prairie, MO



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