OPEN HOUSE Meeting for Dardenne Prairie's Proposition P

September 11, 2017

Friends & Neighbors,


Residents of Dardenne Prairie are invited to City Hall on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 5:30 PM for an OPEN HOUSE meeting to tell the City what you would like to have as part of our Parks and Recreation programs.


We propose to build a Community Center on land currently owned by the City at the corner of Post Road and Highway N.  Whether that happens or not and what would go into such a Community Center, if it is built, is up to the voters of Dardenne Prairie.


Do you want more indoor sports like basketball, volleyball, and pickleball?  Do you want exercise classes for people of all ages?  Do you want yoga, Zumba, dance or other instruction?  Do you want programs for such activities as bridge clubs or tournaments; chess clubs or tournaments?   Do you want space to hold club meetings, parties, receptions, reunions?    Do you want facilities for preparation or serving of meals? 


In addition to indoor activities in a Community Center building, what outdoor amenities would you like to see at a new park?  We have about 10 acres to work with.  A building and parking lot will only take up about 2 acres, at most. Do you want walking trails, green space, outdoor sports courts, playground equipment, sand volleyball??  Come share your ideas with us.


On November 7 the voters of Dardenne Prairie will be asked to vote on Proposition P, to approve a half cent increase in the city sales tax.  Our city sales tax currently is one and a half cents.  One cent goes to the general fund for all city purposes. One half cent goes to the capital improvements fund for maintenance and repair of streets, sidewalks and other infrastructure.  The Proposition P sales tax increase will be for Parks and Storm Water.  Revenue would be restricted to building and operating parks and recreation programs and to construction, repair and maintenance of storm sewers and other storm water control programs.


If you spend $500 per month in Dardenne Prairie for food, gas, and other purchases  the tax increase would cost you $2.50 a month.  The combined state, county and city sales tax would be 7.95%, up from the current 7.45%  In some locations (Town Square, for example) there is already an additional half cent tax so purchases there would be taxed at 8.45% instead of the current 7.95%.  Dardenne Prairie retail sales tax burden would remain competitive compared to retail shopping in Wentzville, O’Fallon, Lake St. Louis, and Chesterfield.


The City government will be guided by the vote of the people.  If the residents vote in favor of a sales tax increase we will proceed with planning based on citizens’ input and a prudent budget process.  We can expect the additional revenue to support an upfront cost to build of about $6 million with an additional $200,000 per year to cover operating costs.  We should be able to expand parks and recreation facilities and programs without cutting other city services, for example street repairs.  We are already, in fact, pressing forward with street repairs that are overdue.


If voters choose not to approve a sales tax increase, we will not be able to build a Community Center and develop additional park facilities.  We will work with what we have.


Come see us at City Hall at the OPEN HOUSE on Wednesday or send me an email and let me know what you think.


“Shine a Light on City Government”





City of Dardenne Prairie, MO


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