Shine a Light on City Government - 06/08/2017

June 9, 2017

Friends & Neighbors,


The Dardenne Prairie Board of Aldermen met on June 7 in both Workshop and Regular Sessions.


Public Hearing regarding rezoning of a lot in Bates Estates.


The Board held another public hearing (continued from May 17th meeting) to hear citizens about an application to rezone a 1.37 acre lot in Bates Estates from R1A to R1D and to approve a plan to make 3 lots and to build 2 additional houses on the subdivided lots.  Bates Estates residents were unanimous in opposing the rezoning.  The R1A zoning district is intended to have lots of 1 acre or more.  Originally established in 1965, Bates Estates had some lots larger than 1 acre but also had 2 lots that were .89 acres.  In about 2003 a 1 acre lot was split into two lots and rezoned R1B.  These deviations from the standard R1A zoning district were cited by the applicant to justify the split of the lot into 3 lots.  While the attributes of Bates Estates are not presently a “pure” R1A subdivision, the residents made the case that the character of Bates Estates as a large lot subdivision is not diminished by the existing dimensions of 4 non conforming lots but would be diminished, in their opinion, by the creation of 3 lots in place of one. 


The BOA considered the citizens comments and the applicant’s presentation and voted to deny the requested change in zoning and the request to subdivide the lot into 3 lots.


Street Repairs will begin soon.


This summer you will see slab replacement and repairs taking place in several locations.  The St. Charles County Highway Department will be replacing damaged and deteriorated concrete in Dardenne Meadows subdivision.  Work will begin next week in Lewis & Clark and Bainbridge subdivisions.  You may have noticed spray paint on the roadway, particularly along Devon Drive.  There are a lot of slabs in need of replacement.  Later this summer, we expect to proceed with work in Dardenne Acres, part of a 3 year project to replace deteriorated concrete slabs.


Federal funds for new street repair projects not likely this year.


The agency that doles out federal money for street construction and repair projects has informed Dardenne Prairie that our 4 applications for funding did not make the cut this year.  We will apply to the St. Charles County Road Board for one project to repair part of Weldon Spring Road.  A decision by the County will not be made before August.


City is considering adopting a design for a city flag.


Two flags were shown to the Board and to the citizens attending the BOA meeting last night.  The design features the Dardenne Prairie logo consisting of the City’s name and initials imposed over a golden triangle and head of wheat.  The flag design may be printed on either a white flag or black flag.  We will post images of the design on the City’s website and invite the residents of Dardenne Prairie to comment.  Once adopted (either the black or white flag) we will fly a large flag in front of City Hall and make available for purchase by citizens a smaller flag for home use.


Other business conducted at the BOA meeting.


The BOA renewed 7 liquor licenses and approved a Fireworks exhibition to be conducted by Delmar Gardens from the Dickherber farm on the evening of June 25.


Other Information.


Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft held a town hall meeting at the Dardenne Prairie City Hall on June 8 to explain the new law affecting voter identification.  The State will assist, for free, those people who do not have a current ID card.  See more information at


Next Meetings.


There will be no meeting of Planning & Zoning in June.  The next Board of Aldermen meeting is Wednesday, June 21, at 5:30 PM.  Come see your City Government at work!!


David C. Zucker

Mayor, City of Dardenne Prairie






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