Shine a Light on City Government - 02/16/2017

February 16, 2017

Friends & Neighbors,


Here is a brief report on 4 meetings at City Hall since my last Shine a Light report.


January 18, 2017 Board of Aldermen

The Board adopted ordinances to place on the April 4th ballot the annexation of 5 parcels of property located in unincorporated St. Charles County but adjacent to or surrounded by the City of Dardenne Prairie.  The parcels include 2 on the north and south sides of Rte. 364, just west of Bryan Rd.  The north parcel could be reached from the Round About at the Bryan Rd Exit off 364.  The south parcel is located at the NW intersection of Bryan Rd and Highway N, across from Walgreens.  The other 3 parcels are located on Technology Drive between the Phillips 66 station and Merz Farm Rd.  Those 3 parcels would become part of the C-3 Retail Commercial zoning district.  Residents of the City and residents of those parcels (if anyone actually lives there) get to vote.  A majority of the city voters and of the parcel voters must approve the annexations.  The City held public hearings on the proposed annexation on January 11 and heard from two property owners affected by the proposals.  The City concluded that it would be in the interests of our citizens to bring these parcels in to the City so that they would be subject to the City’s comprehensive plan for development and to the City’s zoning and building codes.


The Board of Aldermen also began discussions concerning long-term plans for streets and sidewalk construction or improvements.  The Board is determined to develop a multi-year plan and set of priorities that will guide the City’s capital improvement budgeting.  The Board also wants time to receive input from citizens.


February 1, 2017 Board of Aldermen
Discussion of highway and sidewalk projects continued.  The City Engineer was instructed to prepare 4 requests for federal funding in support of a project to improve Weldon Spring Road; to add a sidewalk along South Outer 364 from Pierside to Winghaven; to add a sidewalk along Stump Road; and to repair the walking path along Henning Road south of Bates and McCluer.  Applications are due March 2.


The Board approved the hiring of Botz Deal & Company to be the City’s outside auditor for the next 3 years.


February 8, 2017 Planning & Zoning Commission
P&Z held a public hearing to consider the application of the Wentzville School District to expand Prairie View Elementary School by the addition of 8 classrooms.  The application was approved provided the School District added a sidewalk from the City’s sidewalk along Feise Rd. to the School’s main entrance and considered a different solution for storm water management.  A proposed wet bio-detention basin next to the new classrooms was not well received by P&Z.  When completed Prairie View will be able to serve up to 900 students.  There are no plans to enlarge the school further.


February 15, 2017 Board of Aldermen
The Board approved the application of the Wentzville School District for 8 new classrooms and other facilities.  The Site Plan reviewed by the Board included the addition of a sidewalk leading from Feise Rd to the school entrance, as requested by P&Z.   The City dis-allowed the wet bio-detention basin next to the new classrooms and specified that storm water management be handled by the existing dry detention basin that is located away from classrooms and playgrounds and is already fenced in.


The Board approved the hiring of a new prosecuting attorney to handle cases in Municipal Court.  This action is part of the process set in motion by Senate Bill 5 (passed last year) and new MO Supreme Court Rule 37 that require a complete segregation of the Municipal Court from the prosecutor’s office.  To ensure Dardenne Prairie’s full compliance we moved the prosecutor and police to a separate office away from the Municipal Court Administrator’s Office.  The City Attorney (Hamilton Weber law firm) will no longer handle prosecutions although they will continue to serve as the City’s legal advisors.  We hired a part time employee to serve as the prosecutor’s assistant  to process tickets on a daily basis to prevent backlog.  We will put the Municipal Court Docket on line so citizens can access case records and pay fines via the internet.  The new Prosecutor, effective March 1, 2017, is Jeff Sandcork, an attorney with about 20 years’ experience as a prosecutor, municipal judge and defense attorney.


Upcoming Business before the City
On March 8 the Planning & Zoning Commission will review applications for the approval of a Walmart Neighborhood Market at the NW corner of Bryan & Feise Roads.  The plans show a somewhat smaller footprint than the Market proposed by Walmart last year.  That slight reduction in size also reduces the number of parking spaces and increases the landscaping compared to last year’s plan.  The outward appearance of the store is the same as was presented to the Board in 2016 after the Board rejected the standard industrial box design and insisted on an upgraded design.   On March 15 the Board of Aldermen will conduct a public hearing  and will consider the Walmart Application.  The public is invited to attend and comment at both meetings.


Check out the City’s Parks and Recreation Department programs! Spring ball registration is due to close on February 20.  There is still time to enroll your children.  Cricket season is scheduled to begin on March 25.  Look for more announcements very soon!


The next Board of Aldermen meeting is Wednesday, March 1, 2017.  The Workshop begins at 5:30 and the business meeting begins at 7:00 PM  Come see your City Government at work!


“Shine a Light on City Government”


City of Dardenne Prairie, MO

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