Shine a Light on City Government – 11/21/2016

November 22, 2016

Friends & Neighbors,


The Dardenne Prairie Board of Aldermen met in Workshop Session, Regular Session, and Special Session on November 16.  The Board created a new zoning classification called the C-3 Retail Commercial District (“C-3”).  The C-3 district is intended to encourage development of retail sales stores in hopes of meeting the shopping needs of Dardenne Prairie residents and enhancing sales tax revenue.  The Board then rezoned a portion of the Uptown Zoning District (UZD) to C-3.  That new C-3 zone includes the Town Square Shopping Center and parcels immediately across from Town Square on the south side of Highway N.  Parcels along Technology Drive were also rezoned to C-3.  By removing these properties from the UZD we eliminated the requirement for mixed use, multi-story buildings required by the strict UZD building code.


In a separate ordinance the Board rezoned parcels along Feise Rd. form the Pinnacle Point Subdivision west to the Dardenne Landing Subdivision from UZD to R-1A, Single Family Residential.  These actions were taken by the Board upon the recommendation of the Planning & Zoning Commission and after several public hearings held by P&Z and the Board.  The UZD plan for the Feise Rd. area called for mixed use, multi-story buildings and very dense single family homes on tiny lots.  By rezoning to R-1A we invite home builders to present plans for new housing that reflect the preferences of consumers in the open market.


The Board approved a new, three-year contract with St. Charles County to provide police services for Dardenne Prairie.  We will continue to receive a dedicated patrol officer for 16 hours per day, 365 days a year, plus support from the County Police Department, such as the Detective Bureau, Dispatch, Forensic Lab, etc.  The cost for 2017 will be $330,000.  The Board did consider expanding patrol services by adding hours, adding personnel or both but concluded the significant increase in cost to the City was not warranted, given the very low crime rate in our City.


The Board adopted five resolutions expressing the City’s intent to annex five parcels of unincorporated St. Charles County.  These parcels lie entirely or mostly within the existing boundaries of the City but are not subject to the City’s zoning or building codes.  We will conduct public hearings between now and mid-January.  The decision to annex will be based on a vote of the people in the April 2017 municipal election.


In Workshop the Board discussed recurring complaints from residents in the Tysons Corner neighborhood who report drivers along Bates, McCluer and Henning Roads who speed, run stop signs, engage in reckless driving or who have non-standard mufflers, all of which disturbs the peace of the neighborhood.  The Board discussed several alternatives and opted for enhanced traffic enforcement.  We have solicited information from the County Police as to how we can obtain special police attention to the problem.


The Board also completed its review of the draft budget for 2017. We estimate about $3.6 million in revenue and $3.1 million in operating expenses.  In addition we plan about $571,000 in capital improvement projects.  A six page power point summary of the budget and a detailed spreadsheet are posted on the City website ( for the public’s review and comment.  The final budget is scheduled for a vote of the Board on December 7.


We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  The next Board of Aldermen meeting is set for Wednesday, December 7 beginning at 5:30 PM.  Come see your City Government at work!


“Shine a Light on City Government”




City of Dardenne Prairie, MO


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