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Friends & Neighbors,

Since my last report the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Board of Aldermen have each met once.

Planning & Zoning met on October 14.

Comprehensive Plan “Vision 2020” was approved.

The Comprehensive Plan expresses the City’s vision for future residential, commercial,  and industrial development.

Dardenne Place Villas

The five acres at the NW corner of Feise and Hanley Roads were to be the site of a 15 home villa development by Kemp Homes.  A new developer has taken over the Dardenne Place Villa project.  Bridgewater Homes has replaced Kemp Homes as the developer of this project.  The plans call for 15 detached villa homes. They will be somewhat larger than the homes proposed by Kemp.  Bridgewater is a well respected builder of Villa homes, such as the Villas at Barathaven and the Villas at Providence.  P&Z recommended approval of the Bridgewater Plan.

Record Plat approved for Arden Pointe

The P&Z recommended approval of the Arden Pointe Record Plat which will allow the subdivision of the 10 acre site and sale of building lots.

Board of Aldermen met on October 21.

Dardenne Place Villas

The Board held a public hearing regarding the plan for 15 detached villa homes by Bridgewater.  No public opposition was expressed.  After review of the proposed Area Plan, the Board unanimously approved the Dardenne Place Villas Planned Unit Development.

Record Plat approved for Arden Pointe

The Board approved the Record Plat for Arden Pointe.  Once the plat is filed with the County Assessor and Recorder of Deeds, building lots can be sold.  Arden Pointe, located on Highway N east of Bryan Road, will have 23 detached villa homes on 10 acres with substantial amount of common ground.  Grading of the site has already begun.

Capital Improvement Plan

The Board discussed the proposed Capital Improvement Plan for 2021, 22, and 23.  We propose to spend $9.2 Million over the three year period for various projects, including: Barathaven Trail Replacement over 3 years; finish construction of the Athletic Complex; Debt service for the Athletic Complex project; Henning Road Trail replacement over 3 years; Replacement of concrete slabs on various streets ($4.3 Million); Replace old street signs; continue the long term project to bring sidewalks up to standards required by the Americans with Disabilities Act; Hanley Road Construction; Stump Road construction; Engineering Studies for Post Road improvements; engineering work for Rte. 364 access and I-64 access; stormwater drainage improvements to Bluebird Meadow.

Aldermen Koch proposed that the Plan include the reconstruction of Weldon Spring Road.  That proposal was not adopted.  It was pointed out during discussions that the City had applied for funding from the Federal and County agencies in 3 of the last 5 years and was rejected each time.  The last application was in 2017 and identified the cost estimate at that time to be nearly $8 Million.  The Aldermen will examine the CIP each year and add projects as funds become available.  The current plan was approved by a vote of 5 to 1.

Landscaping Plan for Sunterra Short Term Rehabilitation Facility

At a prior meeting, residents of Canvas Cove told the Board of Aldermen that they were unhappy with the landscaping proposed for the front of the Sunterra property along Monet Drive.  The City Engineer, City Administrator and I met with representatives of Sunterra last week and we proposed to them that the deciduous trees and low shrubs be replaced by a double row of Norway Spruce in order to shield the residences along Monet from auto headlights in the Sunterra parking lot.  The Norway Spruce will grow tall rapidly and spread in such a manner as to provide a very dense visual barrier.  A revised plan was submitted to the Board of Aldermen last night and was approved.  We toured the interior of the facility which is expected to be ready to accept patients in November.  This facility will be a fine addition to Dardenne Prairie.

City will provide more time, if needed, to correct problems with detention basins

Most subdivisions in Dardenne Prairie have detention basins as  components of our City’s Stormwater Management Plan.  The City must periodically renew its permits to discharge stormwater into Lake St. Louis, Dardenne Creek and other waterways.  The City Engineer conducts inspections of the stormwater management facilities on a rotating basis and notifies HOA’s if their detention basins need repairs.  One such notice of deficiency was issued to an HOA in August providing 180 days to complete the work.  The special assessment to pay for the work would hit homeowners about the time we all pay our property taxes and do our Christmas Shopping.  The City ordinance provided for an extension of the deadline by a whopping 15 days.  The City recognized that some projects could not be designed, put out to bid, and constructed in 180 days.  By amending the City Code the Board now authorizes the City Administrator to extend the deadline up to a total of 365 days within which to cure deficiencies.

Ungerboeck Software International recognized as one of the top places to work in the St. Louis Area

In its annual survey of employees in the area, the St. Louis Business Journal announced that Ungerboeck Software International of Dardenne Prairie is among the mid-size businesses voted best place to work.  A plaque to commemorate the award was presented to Justin Ungerboeck during the Board’s meeting last night.

City Budget for 2021

The Aldermen were provided a draft of the City Budget for 2021.  A brief discussion was had.  More intense discussion will occur at the next meeting.  We estimate total revenue from all sources in 2021 to be $5.9 Million.  We estimate operating expenses (excluding capital projects) to be $4.8 Million;  Capital Projects are expected to cost $2.7 Million, so the total outlay will be $7.5 Million.  The excess of outlay over revenue of  $1.6 Million will come from our reserves.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Town Square Avenue, Oct. 29

The City will be hosting a ceremonial ribbon cutting to mark the installation of new LED lighted street signs for Town Square Avenue.  We will meet at the Town Square Shopping Center near the intersection of Town Square Avenue and Merz Farm Lane.  The event will be at 10:00 AM on Thursday, Oct. 29.

Upcoming Event at Youth Activity Park in Dardenne Prairie Nov. 7

The St. Charles County Youth Activity Park, located at 7801 Town Square Avenue, next to the Town Square Shopping Center has the largest BMX Bicycle Pump Track in the nation.  BMX World Pump Track Champion Tommy Zula is scheduled to visit the Youth Activity Park on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020.   During his visit, he will be giving back to the community by hosting a skills clinic for children, followed by a meet and greet session. Please stay tuned to the St. Charles County Parks Department Facebook page for more information.

Celebrate Dine in Dardenne Event, Nov. 28

On Small Business Saturday, November 28, help support Dardenne Prairie businesses by shopping and dining in Dardenne Prairie.  More information will be provided in advance of the day.

The next meeting of the Board of Aldermen is scheduled for Wednesday, November 4 at Dardenne Prairie City Hall.  The Work Session begins at 6:00 PM.  The Business Meeting begins at 7:00 PM.  Come see your City Government at work.

Mayor, City of Dardenne Prairie
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