Dear Resident-

Please find the link below to the April 19th Board of Alderman Meeting Agenda and Packet.

The regular Board Meeting will begin at 7p.m. where the board will finish all outstanding business of the current board term.  We will be saying goodbye to Alderman Sansone and Reilly, and thanking them for their service.  The Board will then adjourn sine die, and we will be swearing in our new Alderman, Keith Widaman and Laura Gittemeier.

The new board session will then consider new business before the city, including a rezoning request and a contract to operate our city hall park concession stand.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, and as always, have a great weekend!

You can find a link to the meeting agenda packet here.  04-19-23 Packet.pdf (

James Knowles III
City Administrator