Dear Resident-

Please find below, a Question and Answer Sheet from previously submitted questions to the city.  I apologize for the delay in answering some of those questions as they did take some research.  I have also provided the newest Site Plan which provides considerable more detail to the proposed Prairie Encore site. 

In addition, I have provided the current requested tax incentive package from Mia Rose Holdings.  This is only their proposal and has not been approved or even negotiated with the city at this time.  I would expect revisions in the future.  The developer has been instructed to go over the development conditions which they feel warrant this request at the Town Hall meeting on Thursday March 2nd at Immaculate Conception of Dardenne.  Doors open at 5:30p.m. with a presentation from 6:30p.m.

At the last Board of Alderman meeting, questions were raised about rental property and section 8 vouchers in the area.  The City of Dardenne Prairie does not license rental properties nor track them, however I did get a considerable about of information from O’Fallon regarding their rentals.  A GIS map is below showing the proliferation of single family rental properties in the area.  They also did let me know they have currently 233 Section 8 Vouchers throughout this map.

I have also researched and provided a comprehensive resources guide from Gilmore and Bell Law Firm regarding a summary of economic development incentives in Missouri, to help everyone better understand both the process for incentives as well as the city’s role or exposure during the process.

Lastly, I have a compilation of all the questions submitted to date for the developer on Thursday.  If you have additional questions, please reach out to me, and I will continue to forward those on to the developer.

James W. Knowles III
City Administrator

Clickable Files:
Economic Development Incentives Request
Prairie Encore Site Plan - Updated
Answers to Resident Questions 02/20/2023
Guide to Economic Development Incentives
Resident Questions for Developers at Town Hall
O'Fallon GIS Map - Rental Properties