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Cardinal Pitchers and Catchers reported to Spring Training today;  The snow will be gone by Tuesday; and your City Government has been busy this month.

Proposed “Old Town Square” Development Advances
After conducting well-attended public hearings in February, the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Board of Aldermen gave preliminary approval to a proposed mixed-use development on 18 acres at the northwest corner of Bryan Road and Town Square Avenue (Hwy. N).  Tentatively called Old Town Square, the proposal calls for single family attached villas; three story apartments and three buildings for retail.  One of the retail buildings will resemble the Streets of St. Charles in that the ground floor will house retail businesses and the two upper floors will have apartments.  This 18-acre development is bounded on the north by Rte. 364, on the east by Bryan Road, on the south by Town Square Avenue, and on the west by Wyndham Meadows.    The developers met with homeowners and have committed to building a privacy fence and adding trees to shield the homeowners from the villas along the common boundary.  The developers have also committed to installation of additional protections to capture stormwater that currently pools in homeowners’ backyards.  Final plans are expected to be considered by Planning & Zoning and the Board on March 10 and 17, respectively.
Both P&Z and the BOA have debated at length the idea of permitting a mixed-use development in Dardenne Prairie.  Commissioners and Aldermen have generally resisted suggestions for higher density development in Dardenne Prairie.  The 18-acre site presents an unusual location that is adjacent to high traffic roads and would not be suitable for a detached single family residential development typical for Dardenne Prairie.  New commercial development (and the tax revenue derived from it) is very difficult to find these days.  A mixed-use development provides businesses with “pre-packaged” customers, making the prospects of success more likely.  In that vein, the City has strongly urged the developers to find a “fine-dining” restaurant, something the residents of Dardenne Prairie have been telling us at City Hall they really want to see land in our City.

Salfen Farm Villa Development Advances
Also after public hearings at P&Z and BOA, the Board gave preliminary approval for a villa development on Post Road, south of the Knights of Columbus Hall.  The developer plans to build 14 detached single family luxury villas. The HOA will handle yard maintenance and the like.  An area of common ground will be reserved for community gardens.  The developer plans to market these villas to people who are downsizing and wanting a very comfortable home.

One Acre Homesite Divided into Two Lots
A one-acre homesite on Post Road with a large, newly constructed home was approved for a lot split.  It will become two half acre lots.

The City Updated its Floodplain Management Ordinance
In order for residents to remain eligible for federal flood insurance, the Board approved a revision to the Floodplain Management rules to incorporate the FEMA flood zone maps that become effective on March 9, 2021.  There were no changes to the flood zones in Dardenne Prairie made by the March 9 revision, but we had to amend the Ordinance anyway.

New Restroom Trailer Authorized for Barathaven Park Playing Fields
The Board of Aldermen authorized the purchase of transportable, 3-room Restroom Trailer to be placed at the soccer/cricket fields at Barathaven Park in time to serve park patrons next month.  The Restroom Trailer is a significant upgrade over the old port-a-potty and is intended as an interim replacement for the old “port-a-potty” facility.  We are examining the prospect of building a permanent restroom to serve park patrons.  If and when that permanent structure is built, the transportable Restroom Trailer would be relocated to Bluebird Meadow and would be available for City Hall Park for special events, such as Prairie Day.

Supermarket Employee Day Proclaimed for February 22, 2021
The Board of Aldermen and Mayor proclaimed February 22 as the day to honor supermarket employees who have worked so hard to provide food services to the public for the past year during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The City Plans to Hire a Road Maintenance Employee
The City contracts with St. Charles County to provide street maintenance, repairs, slab replacements and snowplowing.  This arrangement is generally advantageous to the City, except when we have lots of potholes and the County road crews are busy elsewhere.  We are advertising for a part-time employee to perform minor pothole repairs on our streets.  We want to be more responsive to citizens’ reports of potholes in their neighborhoods.   We want to demonstrate that this approach can be practical, economical, and successful.

Planning & Zoning Commission Elected Officers for 2021
Chairman Ed Etzkorn and Vice Chair Tom Shea were re-elected to their respective offices for 2021.  The Commission elected Judith Helms to serve as Secretary for 2021.
The next meeting of the Planning & Zoning Commission is scheduled for March 10, 2021.

Special Concert by Rhonda Vincent and the Rage
Don’t forget the special concert on May 20, 2021 in City Hall Park featuring Grammy award winning bluegrass performers, Rhonda Vincent and the Rage.  This is a ticketed event.  See our City webpage for details:

The next Board of Alderman meeting is Wednesday, March 17.  The work session begins at 6:00 PM and the business meeting begins at 7:00 PM. Come see your City Government at work.

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