Dardenne Prairie, MO

 2032 Hanley Road

Dardenne Prairie, Missouri 63368
Phone: 636-561-1718


Attorney Procedures

Tamie Wood
Municipal Court
Attorney Procedures

Mail your entry to:

Dardenne Prairie Municipal Court
2032 Hanley Road
Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368

Enclose the following:
  1. Entry of Appearance to the court and a copy of entry with a request for recommendation to the PA's office. (same address)
  2. If traffic; your client's five-year driving record. Non-traffic; criminal history report.
  3. A copy of the ticket (if available) or what the defendant is charged with.
  4. A self-addressed-stamped envelope.
  5. Proof of compliance on any compliance tickets, such as Driving While Suspended/Revoked, No Proof of Insurance, No Operator License. (if available at time of filing your request). If you need additional time to obtain your documentation, please ask for a continuance on your memo to allow time to gather what is required.
  6. Once the PA's office and the court have received ALL of the proper documents, the Prosecuting Attorney will review your request and provide a recommendation. The PA Assistant will mail the recommendation in the envelope provided.
  7. For any questions about a recommendation or continuance of a recommendation contact the PA's office.

Failure to pay:
If your client fails to pay the full balance on or before the court date, a court appearance will be required of your client.

Drug, Alcohol & Minor:
Drug, alcohol and minor-related offenses require a court appearance for the final disposition by attorney and client.


Please explain to your client the importance of complying and completing all conditions of the probation and the possible consequences if they fail to adhere to the probation order.