Kim Clark
City Clerk

CITY clerk

The City Clerk works for the board of aldermen and is responsible for:

  • Attending and keeping minutes of all meetings of the Board of Aldermen and supervise the filing of Board minutes, records and other official documents
  • Signing and certifying City ordinances, resolutions, contracts, reports and other records and official documents
  • Supervising the issuance of all licenses, permits and receipts in the name of the City
  • The collection and accounting for funds therefore pursuant thereto City ordinances
  • Performing such functions and duties as required of the City Clerk of the Fourth Class City by the laws of the State and other ordinances of the City
  • Functioning as the custodian of records, being responsible for maintenance of all records of the City's public governmental bodies and the establishment of a public policy relating to meetings, records and votes of the City's governmental bodies
  • Providing all data and/or information pertaining to the City and its business as requested by the Board of Aldermen or the Mayor.

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