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Attorney Recommendation Procedures

Pursuant to the Supreme Courts “Minimum Operating Standards” Rule 7 that updated Rule 37.04 effective September 20, 2016 the following procedures are required:

request for Recommendation & Discovery
If you want the Prosecuting Attorney to review for a possible recommendation, please send an entry of appearance to the court and a separate copy of entry with a request for recommendation and a SASE to the Prosecuting Attorney's office. The court will not forward any requests for recommendations mailed to the court - it is the attorney's responsibility to file the request with the Prosecuting Attorney's office. For traffic matters, please provide a five-year driving record. If the violation is for no proof of insurance, driving without a license, driving while revoked or suspended, or is the result of an accident, you will need to file proof of compliance (copy of insurance card, proof of valid license or reinstatement, letter from insurance company). If you cannot provide supporting documents, please send us a memo to indicate that.

If the violation is for a DWI or non-traffic matter, follow the same steps indicated above. The Prosecuting Attorney will review, and in most cases, a court appearance WILL be required for final Plea.

If discovery is requested, please file a request with the Prosecuting Attorney. If requesting video discovery, you will need to include a blank DVD-R and a return mailing envelope with postage affixed.

Once the Prosecuting Attorney has ALL of the required documents, he will respond to your request. If you are provided a Recommendation/Plea form, the form will have a payment due date and a court date. The original plea form will need to be signed by you and your client and returned to the court for approval by the judge. Payments will not be accepted, and the charges, if offered, will not be amended until the signed plea form and payment is received. If the payment and court date pass with no further announcement, the recommendation may be withdrawn.

the Prosecuting attorney is available in-person on Court evenings.