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About Caregivers Inn

Caregivers Inn

1297 Feise Rd.
Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368

Phone: (636) 400-1037



Business Hours:

9:00 am - 4:30 pm


Caregivers Inn is a residential care home located in Dardenne Prairie since 1990. They provide their residents an “down home” atmosphere with quality services. They have various amenities, scheduled activities and field trips for the residence of this 30 licensed residential care beds. With three meals a day, 24-hour day/7 days a week daily living assistance including administering medicines, housekeeping and laundry, beauty salon and barber shop and other activities and trips to keep their residents “active, healthy, and happy”


Dardenne Prairie is the ideal location for Caregivers Inn. They are located in a residential community on six acres of land in a country style home.

Caregivers Inn FAQ (from


Why do people choose Caregivers Inn?

Our surveys indicate that the top three reasons why people choose Caregivers Inn for themselves or their loved ones are the following:

  • The friendliness of our staff

  • The cleanliness of our facility

  • The small, personal size of our home

What type of residents live at Caregivers Inn?

Caregivers Inn is an all-walking environment. Residents may use walkers and canes. All residents must be able to locate a pathway to safety in the event of an emergency (find an exit).

Residents must be able to toilet themselves and must have bowel control. If they do not have bladder control and use adult Depends, reminders are given to residents to toilet and check their Depends regularly. Staff will provide assistance with changing of Depends if needed.

Residents must also be able to feed and dress themselves. Dressing assistance is provided if help is needed with shoes, socks, bras, zippers, laying out of clothing, color coordination and other similar matters.

Can residents stay for a short period of time?

Yes. Caregivers Inn offers respite care stays for a minimum of two weeks. In addition, we also offer hospice care (for terminally ill residents).

Can special dietary needs be met?

Every resident is provided three nutritious meals per day and two snacks. We have a dietary staff that is trained to handle the needs of diabetics, religious diets and other special situations. However, a resident requiring a Renal Diet or a strict Calculated Diet would not be a candidate for Caregivers Inn.

Can residents have their own phones?

Yes, each room in our facility is equipped with a phone jack for a private line. Simply contact CenturyLink Phone Company for startup service information. The phone bill may be mailed directly to residents or another responsible party.

Can residents have pets?

Caregivers Inn does not allow pets, as other guests may have allergies or aversions to animals.

Can residents keep their cars at Caregivers Inn?

Yes, as long as there is a doctor's order allowing them to drive. We also have ample parking on site.

What is not covered by monthly room and board?

The costs not covered in the monthly room and board are the following:

  • Personal phone service

  • Medications

  • Field trip expenses

  • Home health care

  • Occupational, physical or speech therapy

  • Portable or personal oxygen units

  • Significant medical products or equipment

  • Toiletry items, such as soap, toothpaste, etc.

  • Beauty salon permanents, haircuts and coloring

Medicare may cover the cost of home health care, medications, therapy and pharmaceutical equipment. Included in the monthly room and board charges are a weekly shampoo and set for women and a monthly haircut for men.

Does Caregivers Inn accept Medicaid?

Caregivers Inn is not a Medicaid provider and therefore is not a participant in the Personal Care Program. However, a resident may be eligible for the Cash Grant Program funded through Medicaid. In addition to private pay, other possible funding sources include the Veterans Administration (VA) and Long Term Care Insurance. VA assistance is available only if the resident or spouse served in the military during active war time.

How many staff members are on site?

Although we are a small and homelike facility, Caregivers Inn purposely over-staffs beyond what is legally required of any residential living facility. This allows all of our guests to benefit from personalized service and genuine relationships. Our compassionate nursing staff are all certified and have years of experience. We also have Licensed professional nurses, registered nurses and two licensed nursing home administrators on site. Every member of our staff must undergo a criminal background check prior to hiring, as well as a check to ensure that their certifications or professional licenses are legitimate and in good standing with the appropriate organizations.

What are visiting hours?

Caregivers Inn allows families and friends to visit residents 24/7. Socialization is an important part of our home and we would never discourage anyone from visiting their loved ones.

Is Caregivers Inn a state licensed facility?

Yes. Caregivers Inn is licensed with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, which permits our home to provide nursing services.


2032 Hanley Road 

Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368

Tel: 636-561-1718

Fax: 636-625-0077


Monday - Friday

8:00AM - 5:00PM

Police: 636-949-3000

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