Building Inspections
Code Enforcement

A Municipal Inspection is required for all home sales and rentals.

The Building Inspector inspects all new structures to enforce City Codes pertaining to buildings and property.  Inspections provide public welfare and safety to help maintain property values.

Code Enforcement will check properties to avoid nuisances and will respond to isolated concerns in order to ensure Municipal Codes and Ordinances are being followed.

The City of Dardenne Prairie is currently using 2015 International Residential Code; 2015 International Building Code; and 2014 National Electric Code.

A Letter of Approval From your HOA must accompany all exterior building permit applications.


New Construction

  • Residential                                                                                            fee varies 

  • Commercial Building & Occupancy                                                  fee varies  


Residential Updates          

  • Residential Updates                                                                            fee varies


Building Guidelines


Building Permits

  • Room Addition                                                                                  $150

  • Accessory Building/Garage                                                             $150

  • Fence                                                                                                  $50

  • Retaining Wall (4 ft or higher)                                                         $75 

  • Basement Finish                                                                               $150

  • Permanent Swimming Pool or Wading Pool                                $150

          *Pool fence must be completed within 14 days of pool* 

  • Storable Swimming Pool or Wading Pool                                     $75

  • Spa or Hot Tub                                                                                  $75

  • Porch or Deck                                                                                    $150


Municipal Inspection


Municipal Inspection Checklist

       Smoke detectors must be installed, interconnected and functional.

       G.F.C.I Protection on outlets.

       Sump pump must be on its own dedicated outlet.

       Exhaust fans in bathrooms must work properly.

       Anti-Tip device on range.


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