Procedure for Attorneys

Mail your entry to:

Dardenne Prairie Municipal Court
2032 Hanley Rd.
Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368

Enclose the following:

  1. Entry of Appearance to the court and a copy of entry with a request for recommendation to the PA's office. (same address)

  2. If traffic: Your clients five year driving record, Non traffic: Criminal history report.

  3. A copy of the ticket (if available) or what the defendant is charged with.

  4. A self-addressed-stamped-envelope

  5. Proof of compliance on any compliance tickets i.e.; Driving While Suspended/Revoked, No Proof of Insurance, No Operator License, etc. ( if available at time of filing your request). If you need additional time to obtain your documentation, please ask for a continuance on your memo to allow you time to gather what is required.

  6. Once the PA's office & the court have received ALL of the proper documents, the Prosecutor will review your request and provide a recommendation. The clerk will mail the recommendation in the envelope provided.

  7. For any questions about a recommendation or continuance of a rec. contact the PA's office

If your client fails to pay the full balance on or before the court date, a court appearance will be required by your client.


Drug, Alcohol & Minor related offenses require a court appearance for the final disposition by attorney and client.


Probation: Please explain to your client the importance of complying & completing all conditions of the probation and the possible consequences if they fail to adhere to the probation order.

Judge: Dennis Chassaniol II

Court Administrator: Tamie Wood Office # 636-755-5333

Prosecutor: Jeff Sandcork

PA Assistant: Carmen Breckenridge  Office # 636-755-5302

Phone: 636-755-5333
Fax: 636-625-0077


2032 Hanley Road 

Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368

Tel: 636-561-1718

Fax: 636-625-0077


Monday - Friday

8:00AM - 5:00PM

Police: 636-949-3000

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