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Building Permit Applications (Click Here)


Business, Home Occupation, Liquor Licenses

Business License Application

Home Occupation Application

Liquor License Application

Live Entertainment Application

Peddler/Solicitor Application


City Plan

Comprehensive Plan (Pages 1 - 100) 

Comprehensive Plan (Pages 101 - 190) 

Dardenne Prairie Smart Code

Uptown Zoning City Plan

DP Uptown Lighting - Example Architectural Styles Manual

DP Uptown Sign Design Manual Feb 2015



Engineering Forms

Blasting Permit Form

Construction Maintenance Agreement for Urban BMPs & Detention Facilities

Construction Memorandum of Stormwater Control-Ord1636

Construction Uptown Storm Sewers Technical Requirements Manual

Deposit Agreement Improvements-Cash

Deposit Agreement Improvements-LOC

Deposit Agreement Site Plan-Cash (2)

DP - Deposit Agreement Site Plan-LOC

DP- Sensory Impaired Child Sign Policy


DP-Construction Connection To Public Storm Sewer Permit Application

DP-Construction Facilities Work Within Public Rights-of-Way Permit Application

DP-Construction Grading Permit Application

DP-Construction Site Improvement Permit Application

DP Construction-Wireless Facilities Permit Application


DP-Deposit Agreement-Request-for-Release

DP-Fee Schedule

DP-Floodplain No-Rise Certificate

DP-Floodplain Reasonably Safe From Flooding-Professional Certification

DP-Floodplain-Community Acknowledgment Form

DP-Floodplain-Development Permit Application

DP-Land Disturbance - LD02 Land Disturbance Permit Application

DP-Land Disturbance - LD03 Erosion Control Troubleshooter

DP-Land Disturbance - LD04 Pre-Construction Meeting - Attendance List

DP-Small Wireless Facilities Permit Application

DP-Stormwater Management Facility Annual Maintenance and Inspection Form

Land Disturbance - LD01 Memorandum 2013

Land Disturbance - LD05 Pre-Construction Meeting - Topic Checklist 2013

Land Disturbance - LD06 Self Inspection Form-City Engineer 2013

Land Disturbance - LD09-Pre-Construction Conference Request

DP-Deposit Agreement-Land Disturbance Only-CASH

DP-Deposit Agreement-Land Disturbance Only-LOC

Permit to Operate and Maintain a Detention Basin

Request to Vacate Public Right-of-Way

Storm Water Problem Reporting Form - May 2013

BMP - Best Management Practices For Stormwater Quality (1 - 150)

BMP - Best Management Practices For Stormwater Quality (151 - 325)



City Hall Room Rental Request

Complaint Investigation Form 2010

Cyber Harassment Ord

Cyber Harassment Resolution

Dardenne Prairie Budget --2018

Dardenne Prairie Budget --2019

Employment Application

Fireworks Display Application 2010

Recycling Guidelines and 2019 Pickup Schedule


Health & Safety Occupancy -required for sale or lease

Occupancy Application Required for sale, rental, lease of property


Land Subdivisions



Parks and Recreation

Arboricultural Specifications And Standards Of Practice Manual July 2012

Athletic Fields Rental Request

Park Pavilion Reservation Application


Sign Permit Applications

DP-Sign Master Plan Application

DP-Sign Permit Application


Submittal and Meeting Calendar

Submittal and Meeting Calendar 2020


Sunshine Request Form

Sunshine Request Form 2013


Title VI

Title VI Plan Complaint Form

Title VI Plan Resolving Complaints


Volunteer Opportunities

Adopt-A-Road Application

Application for Boards and Commissions

Application for Volunteer Corp


Zoning Applications


DP Zoning Conditional Use Permit Application

DP Zoning PUD Request Area Plan Application

DP Zoning Rezoning Request

DP Zoning-Wireless Facilities Variance Application

DP Zoning-Wireless Support Structure Permit Application

DP-Variance Application

DP-Zoning Building And Site Plans Application

DP-Zoning PUD Request - Final Plan Application

DP-Zoning Site Plan Application

DP-Zoning UZD-Warrant-Request

DP-Zoning Voluntary Annexation Petition 2015-10


Temporary Use Permit Application


Zoning New Community Plan - UZD Application


Zoning Maps

Zoning Map


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